Senryu Archives


A world without sun
a world without Batman –
two contradictions
days without darkness
days without Batman --
take your pick
Art by Chester Brown  




      Cobblepot played us 
like a harp from hell , buttons
for mayor still sell

Art by Stephen Algera




Poison Ivy's hair --
underneath her green garb
brambles of orange fire

Art by Stephen Algera



Spring is in the air
citizens of Gotham are 
pursued by rabid

pansies, the Scarecrow
filtered his neurotoxins
through the city’s

water supply,
fear of allergies spreading
spring is in the air

Art by Scott Hume


To be a Dark Knight,
or a White Knight – Dark Knights are
wined, dined … parentless

Art by Justin Bysma


You should see Robin
when he drinks … once, in costume
he dyed his hair green

the last time he drank
he painted half his face, flipped 
a coin, gun ready

Art by Drake Tsui

Two costumed freaks
sat across from each other

by wilderness, 
cat and mouse drinking coffee
smoking, playing chess

Art by Kanthara.

The Bishop piece in French, is Le Fou (Foo),
which refers to the crazy person.






Don’t do the crime
if you can't do the time --
negligence on thirst
Photo of Toronto Batman drinking Nestea 

by Mike Algera (2010)